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Lebanon Law Review | Melhem Khalaf with Antoine Kanaan and Issam Amro. Jan 2020
Founders Antoine Kanaan and Issam Amro after interviewing Dr. Melhem Khalaf, President of the Beirut Bar Association.

The Lebanon Law Review is a premiere student run law review focused on producing academic style research to in both law and politics. The Lebanon Law Review is completely independent.

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 Me. Melhem Emile Khalaf
Me. Melhem Emile Khalaf

President of the Beirut Bar Association, founder of Offrejoie, lecturer at USJ, representative of the Republic of Lebanon at CERD, and so much more.

#JADAL | #جدل

The very first episode of #JADAL | #جدل, a debate between Antoni Barakat and Charbel Chaaya on the prospects of a secular Lebanese state.

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Defense Strategy | Lebanon | Antoine R. Kanaan | Lebanon Law Review

Defense Strategy: Elusive National Objective

Defense Strategy: What is it, and why is it important? This paper proposes a comprehensive national defense strategy for Lebanon.

Article by Antoine R. Kanaan, Editor in Chief.

الحماية القانونيّة الدوليّة لمنشآت البترول البحريّة

الحماية القانونيّة الدوليّة لمنشآت البترول البحريّة

بناءً على ما تقدّم، سترتكز دراستنا على تحليل حقوق الدّولة الساحليّة في تنظيم المرور البريء من أجل حماية المنشآت البحريّة (1)، بعد ذلك سيتمّ دراسة مسألة مناطق الأمان حول منشآت البترول (2)، لاحقًا سيتمّ دراسة أحكام بروتوكول 2005 وقرارات المنظّمة البحريّة الدوليّة (3)، من ثمّ سيتم التعامل مع ممارسات الدول المتعلّقة بحماية منصّات البترول (4)، وستُختتم هذه الدراسة باقتراح نهجٍ مفضّل للنظر فيه حيث يتعلّق بسلامة منشآت البترول البحريّة وفق الاتفاقيّات الدوليّة

Article by Mostapha al-Masry.

Beirut Blast: International Investigation? | Lebanon Law Review
Photo Credits: Aya Safieddine

Beirut Blast: International Investigation?

Is it recklessness, negligence or indifference? With no national law that can criminalize International Crimes and recognize dolus eventualis as an element of a crime against humanity, the only answer resides in international legal instruments. Will Justice ever prevail?

Article by Joya Elias.

Lebanon Law Review | US Supreme Court

USA v. Lebanon: How to become an Attorney in Each

Many people dream of being a lawyer – many lawyers dream of practicing in the USA.

This article explains, step by step, what it takes to become a practicing lawyer in both the US and Lebanon.

Article by Perla Khattar.