Multilingual and Student Run; The First Ever in the Middle East

Antoine Kanaan and Issam Amro founded Lebanon Law Review on the 26th of February 2020. These two students are long time friends. This publication is for anyone with a legal interest in Lebanon. We follow the American model of the law review and aim to publish groundbreaking legal articles aimed at revitalizing the Lebanese legal community at large – from first year law students to veteran policy makers.

Indeed Lebanon Law Review is completely student run and independent from any other entity. We believe that students have something special to offer the legal community, a fresh perspective.

All law students are welcome to join our team. We look for creative, brave, smart, and determined members. Furthermore, there is no need to be a law student. Legal experts are welcome to voice their opinion and we are happy to publish. Of course, there are certain guidelines.

We have also inaugurated a Political Sciences division under the leadership of Karam Al-Ahmar that conducts academic studies and research.

Lebanon Law Review: Our Values

In brief, our values are:

  • First, to always be objective. In Lebanon, politics and the law intermingle and can be hard to separate at times. Indeed any political opinions we voice are simply in service of our legal arguments. We are not a product of power politics and we never will be. Furthermore we reaffirm that Lebanon Law Review is apolitical by nature as a publication.
  • Pluralism as perfectly exemplified in “Hi kifak cava?”. We embrace Lebanese multiculturalism when we publish in three languages; English, Arabic, and French.
  • Human Rights; free speech, free opinions, and a free press. Therefore we will defend your right to state your opinion even when we do not always agree. The individual is the building block of society.
  • Transparency. As we expect it of others, we similarly hold ourselves to this high standard.
  • Significantly, we espouse Republicanism. Indeed, the state is a public matter and so we reject all forms of tyranny in favor of liberty.
  • Above all we value Patriotism – we love our nation the Lebanon, whose sovereignty and well being is paramount. Lebanon has been too costly for it to fail; it must succeed!
The flag of the Republic of Lebanon, Eden on Earth. The ancient cedar back-lit by a Mediterranean Sunset.
Lebanon Law Review
“Lebanon is more than a country. It is a message of freedom and an example of pluralism for East and West,” – Pope John Paul II

Lebanon Law Review: Our Mission

Mainly the accomplishment of three tasks:

  1. Change, of course. At the time of writing this, Lebanon is in the midst of the October Revolution. It is clear that some things, many things, need to change. Hence our focus is on tackling topics that actually concern the average citizen. We are the voice of the people, and we believe that our work will one day be legislated.
  2. Furthermore, an increase in Awareness. The law rules all aspects of a citizen’s daily life, and has a huge effect on a nation’s economy and the standard of living. Every citizen should know his rights and obligations, what is permissible and what is not. Indeed if our work stimulates a discussion, mission achieved.
  3. Finally, Lebanon has a distinguished Youth. The young generally have little to look forward to, but students who contribute to Lebanon Law Review can expect to gain significant work experience and knowledge. This will have the two-fold effect of first distinguishing them, as well as providing the injection of young blood that we desperately need to revitalize our legal community. We are first and foremost a platform for the students, their voice above all else. As they say, “Out of the mouth of babes,”.