Lebanon Law Review – Member Qualifications

Lebanon Law Review is the first ever student run law review in the Middle East. So what do we look for in our writers?

We encourage creative, smart, brave, and determined students to join our team. They may write about any legal or political topic, as long as the approach is academic. Additionally, writers may write in either English, Arabic, or French.

Of course, Lebanon Law Review will not turn down work from esteemed members of the Lebanese legal community. This includes professors, lawyers, judges, and anyone else with legal experience.

In addition to writers, Lebanon Law Review constantly needs talented editors, technical advisors, designers, photographers, and the like.

Political Science practitioners, academics, and students are encouraged to apply.

We expect contributors to adopt our values.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Team!

We are always looking for new members!
  • Which do you feel comfortable writing in? You may select more than one.
  • Which position best suits your skills and interest?
  • Under which institution's auspices did you achieve your education?
  • If you chose "Other", or if you have more than one degree, please list them here along with the institution.
  • Please list the fields of law/politics that interest you the most in detail, separated by a semicolon. If you are applying as a technical advisor, please list which discipline you love the most (from your domain).
  • Please describe the work that you would like to submit to the Lebanon Law Review. You may also opt to write about one of our preexisting topics. You may also give a short bio of yourself, enumerating any skills you have that might prove useful.